Freeze Dried Foods and Dehydrated Foods

Everyone has heard of dehydrated foods. It’s the simplest and least-expensive way to store food for longer periods of time; it’s something that’s more affordable for families to do at home–if they can afford to spend the time preparing and dehydrating foods for emergency food storage. But what of freeze-dried foods? To some people the term may be completely new, or sound familiar but unsure of the definition. Some may have even tried freeze-dried food without even realizing they have. If you have had “astronaut ice cream” before, then you have tried freeze dried food.

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When gathering food for emergency food storage, hiking, camping or other similar reasons, it is good to know the difference between these two types of prepared food storage. Not only will knowing the difference help you understand how they’re made, but help you know why some processes will be better for the types of food you wish to store versus other types of food.

Traditional food drying, or dehydration, has been around since ancient times for food preservation. Since the convenience of refrigerators weren’t around, the sun, wind and air had to do

Traditional New Year’s Food

The New Year is often a time for many to start anew and leave the past in the past. Of course, everyone looks forward to a great year ahead and what better way to do this than by enjoying traditional New Year’s food to increase your good fortune. Tradition differs in every culture but there are some that are quite similar from one to another. Discover all the New Year’s food traditions right here so you can include them when preparing your meal for this holiday. There is certainly nothing wrong with guaranteeing good fortune with food for the New Year.

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Green Vegetables
Cooked green vegetables such as cabbage, chard, kale, and collards are consumed during New Year’s Eve in many different cultures. This is for the reason that these vegetables look similar to folded money and are the same color of money as well, which many believe will bring in good economic fortune for the coming year. The more greens consumed, the more fortune will be received. This is also a tradition done here in the Southern part of

Soul Food, Tradition

Keep the soul in your heart and the health in your life

Soul food is tasty, simple, hearty, and rooted in tradition. Many soul food recipes – succulent fried chicken, sweet potato pie, rich macaroni and cheese, sloppy barbeque ribs and meats, and ham hock collard greens with pork fat — have been passed down over the generations and include cooking ingredients that we know today are not healthy for us to eat in large quantities. You want to honor tradition yet maintain your health. So what should you do?

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An occasional, traditional, soul food meal at holiday gatherings and celebrations is probably not going to hurt you in the long run and that you should live your life in balance. However if you want to eat these foods regularly, here’s what we found:

About food ?

Traditional  food can cause:
– Obesity
– High Cholesterol
– Diabetes
– High Blood Pressure
– Heart Problems

Problems with traditional soul food:
– High in calories
– Foods cooked with lard & saturated fat
– Recipes heavily seasoned with salt and sugar
– Use of

Christmas Food

Christmas food has a special appeal, not because they are prepared solely during the holiday season of Christmas but, because of the amazing richness of seasonal food. There can be no Christmas celebration without Christmas food. It is fun to experiment with various recipes during Christmas, modifying the traditional Christmas dishes and trying out the new ones. As soon as the holiday season starts, one is seen exhuming recipes from books and websites. It is indeed a great way of opening a whole new range of Christmas food for your guests. The involvements in culinary activities during Christmas inspire and ignite the holiday spirit in young and old alike.

There is no dearth of Christmas food. At the very click of the word on the websites, you will come face to face with an array of recipes. They are ideally suited for your much anticipated Christmas party. Don’t hesitate to add your own variations and flavors for a personalized touch. Your culinary skills will surely be acclaimed.

Given below are some of the Christmas foods, traditional as well as modern:

Christmas Cake
Apple-Glazed turkey
Christmas Pudding
Snowball Cookies
Christmas Tree Cookies
Chicken with Potatoes
Chicken Pot Pie
Apple Raspberry Spiced Cider
Festive Chocolate

Does Classic Italian Food Mean Pizza?

There is no doubt about it, for most people Italian food means pizza. Well, sometimes it means spaghetti, but nine times out of ten, people are thinking of pizza when they say they want to go out for Italian.

And while it is true, there is pizza I Italy, most times, the pizza you will get there bears little resemblance to the pizza most Americans are used to eating. Because some people think the type of pizza you find in Italy is more authentic, they say once you have it you never want regular American pizza again. But the truth is, as far as food goes (pizza included) the delight is in the taste of the beholder. Perhaps you have read some of the more modern wine courses which teach the theory that any wine is good wine, as long as you like it. Well, taste in food is the same.

If you taste both authentic Italian pizza and American pizza, and you decide that you like the American version better than the original. Then there is no reason that you should have to eat anything else. After all, it’s your tongue and stomach, not that of somebody else.

People can be real

Greek Food and It’s Meaning

The Greek diet is one that is bursting with fresh flavors and excellent nutrition. With a cuisine consisting of fresh vegetables, a wide variety of meats such as lamb, chicken and pork, the Greek diet is known for being one of the healthiest across the world. The fantastic use of herbs and spices gives Greek food distinct flavors, of which are heightened with the liberal use of olives, lemons and garlic which are used frequently within many traditional and family recipes. Renowned for being lovers of family celebrations, food is a huge part of any special occasion and religious holiday where bright, aromatic foods and delicious, flowing wine are welcomed and enjoyed by all.

Within the Greek culture, the Easter holiday begins on the first day of Lent which is when the Greek community prepares for the resurrection of Christ by cleaning their bodies. The foods which are eaten during this time include the word ‘nistisma’ to symbolize that it does not contain any restricted foods. Traditional foods eaten during this religious holiday are Tsoureki, traditional Easter bread which possess a slightly sweet taste and Greek Easter cookies which are made to share with loved ones and visitors within the home.

Could Traditional Mexican Food Be the Answer?

A lot of Americans consider Mexican food as being one of their favorite cuisines and many Americans consume Mexican food at least once a week. Mexican recipes are well loved throughout the United States but Americanized Mexican recipes and authentic Mexican recipes often differ greatly. Americans are fond of adding extra fat and super-sizing their portions. If you visit Mexico, you might not even find the same dishes because Americans have created their own versions of a lot of them. Traditional Mexican food contains a lot of fresh vegetables, vitamins, spices, and proteins, the portion sizes are smaller, and a lot less fat is added.

Healthy Mexican Food versus Unhealthy Mexican Fast Food

Traditional Mexican dishes are usually healthy Mexican food. Tomatoes, which are used in a lot of traditional Mexican recipes contain lycopene, which fights cancer, and are rich in vitamins. This does not mean you should not enjoy American style Mexican food but you can make it healthier if you make your own or visit Mexican fast food outlets less often.

The Makings of Healthy Mexican Food?

Beans are high in protein and fiber and can be added whole to recipes rather than refried because this cuts back on fat. Corn is

Best Foods For a Heart Healthy Diet

Did you know the best foods for a healthy heart are the very ones we’ve been told to avoid? Recent research shows us that we need to go back to the past to learn about healthy traditional cultures and their diets. Traditional cultures did not devise their diets in a lab but they did utilize the natural foods around them.

Today, we are surrounded by abundance in our supermarkets. But this abundance seems to be our undoing. Our ancestors expended huge amounts of energy obtaining their food. They traveled long distances, tracking wild and dangerous animals. They expended enormous physical energy in the actual hunting and killing of prey and more energy hauling the kill back to their families and tribes. And the hunt often failed, which meant starvation. The other members of the tribe, clan or family who did not hunt, expended their energy foraging and gathering wild greens, berries and other foods.

Over the last 40,000 years our DNA has not changed. Our bodies are still genetically linked to the past of living in caves, eating fats, protein and plants. Our bodies also still need to move, to use the energy from our food. It has only been in the

Delicious Savory Foods

There are certain parts of the world which are quite well known for their rich food tradition and Holland is one such place that is renowned for its traditional as well as modern foods. Though the Netherlands is not as popular as France or Germany for their foods, yet there are several delicious and savory Dutch foods which have an interesting long history.

Pickled herring, thick broth and several potato dishes just begin to spring in mind whenever we think about Dutch foods, but now Dutch foods are not just limited to these dishes and there are several other kinds of dishes that have emerged as the modern Dutch dishes. With the addition of some regional as well as continental recipes, now modern Dutch sweets are becoming a favorite of a considerable number of people and they are looking for some restaurants and places where they can get the best of Dutch candy. In fact, the main focus of most Dutch recipes is on vegetables and legumes.

The nice thing about Dutch cooking is that they are cheaper, healthier and easy to consume than most other dishes. However, these dishes were traditionally used there. Now with the passage of time, many other

The Tradition Behind Traditional Jewish Food

Over the years, traditional Jewish foods have found their way into contemporary American eating habits. Perhaps you’ve run to a deli or a grocery and ordered a quick lunch of corned beef on rye with a kosher dill on the side, or maybe you stopped for a quick bite of a bagel rushing to work in the morning, or maybe a sweet blintz is more to your liking. Even a run through most store bakeries show you stacks of challah bread.

Most Americans don’t give what they eat a second thought, and dismiss traditional Jewish food as just another form of fast food. Eaten on the run, there is little thought behind the food and it’s traditional place in Jewish culture and cuisine. This only clarifies how well assimilated food traditions are in America.

Perhaps the quintessential traditional Jewish food is the bagel. The traditional aspect of the bagel is found in dubious historical fact. The bagel is said to have originated in Vienna. Created by a Jewish baker to honor the Polish King, Jan Sobieski III, for heading the Polish cavalry in a charge that saved Vienna from invasion by the Turks in 1683, the shape of the bagel is supposed

Food and Wine in Israel

What happens when you bring the culinary sophistication of the west to the spice, color and vibrancy of the east? You get a hot and dynamic food scene – one that reflects the incredible cultural diversity of Israel. 80% of Israelis are Jews of whom more than half were born in Israel. But most of their parents, grandparents or great grandparents came to Israel from more than 120 countries, bringing with them dishes, recipes and food traditions from six continents. What’s more the 20% of non-Jewish Israelis have their own food traditions too.

So what’s on the menu? Thirty years ago typical fare would have been falafel, humus, couscous or gefilte fish. While you can still find those dishes today, a lot has changed. Israel has it all now, from hamburgers (Israel’s first McDonald’s opened in the 90’s) to pizza and sushi (more sushi restaurants per capita in Tel Aviv than in any city on earth, including Tokyo), the cuisines of India and China, along with the finest influences of Paris, Brussels, Lyon, Barcelona and New York. Many of Israel’s leading chefs have studied, prepped and apprenticed at some of the finest restaurants in the world.

But there’s more. There are restaurants

A Look At Mexican Food History

When people think of Mexican food, warm tacos and burritos fill their minds. However, what they do not realize is that these mouth-watering treats have seen a series of changes over the course of the centuries. In fact, you might be surprised at some of what you learn.

A person with a historical background will understand that the Mayans once ruled the Yucatan area of Mexico. This tribe of Indians fed off the wild life and created unique meals and cuisine in Mexico. While they were doing this, they also incorporated spices and other items that grew in the land. Thus incorporating the foundations for the foods we enjoy today.

What followed this is known as the Pre-Columbian era. In this time, Europeans had not added complexity to the diets of the Mexican people. Instead, they focus more on chili, corn, and beans in their dishes than anything else does, with corn being the main staple. This in turn also led to the creation of tortillas and other items made from this delicious substance. As you can see Mexican, food history has some interesting details to it.

When 1521 rolled around, the Spanish began to incorporate their diets into the Mexican food tradition.

Some Tips to Enjoy Healthy Food in Restaurants

Indian curry is not only known for its exotic taste and hot spicy experience as well as for its distinct aroma, but more than that, the food has many health benefits for people of different ages. This means that while many other foods are tasty and enjoyable,taking them on regular basis may have an adverse impact on your health. That is not the case with the food from the subcontinent. But you should still follow some tips to enjoy healthy food in the restaurants.

The traditional and authentic Indian cuisines have earned the respect for their unique qualities of being nutritious in such way that even with continuous intake you are only going to benefit from it. On the contrary, many of the dishes from other countries cannot be taken frequently for a longer duration and you have to take precaution due to excessive amount of saturated fats, salt and oils used in preparing the food.

Traditional Indian food consists of a balanced diet of starch from steamed rice and roti or whole grain bread, plenty of vegetables and dal [lentils], regular intake of yogurt, etc. However, in these days, many Indian restaurants serve fat-laden dishes that you can enjoy once in

The Best Chinese Food is Traditional

Coming to China and looking forward to some great traditional Chinese food? You should be – it ought to be one of the highlights of any trip.

For a start, forget the dishes you know and trust at home. Although these go by the name of Chinese cooking they are often pale shadows of the original and authentic Chinese dish. Sweet and sour, beloved by many in the west, is considered too easy to cook that many real Chinese chefs are embarrassed by any request for this dish.

To really let the local restaurant staff show off their skills you need to know much more about traditional Chinese food.

Traditions in China date back a very long way. Civilization here probably began 7000 years ago. Records don’t date back that far, but even the earliest records give food a central role in the Chinese way of life. Of course food then was simpler but, already, there were attempts to understand the affects of diet on health.

During the various dynasties, the range of dishes and the philosophical concepts underlying their relationships to each other expanded rapidly. Trade brought in new ingredients, and wealth brought the opportunity for specialist chefs who vied with each other

Processed Food Is Not The Answer To Health

The Best foods, the foods that you really like, are they the childhood foods that you grew up on? Do the best tasting foods have an association with a positive experience? And the most awful food, is that the food that you ate that made you sick all night? Where did you learn how to cook? How do you know what food is good for you and what is not? Does the knowledge that you have about food come from your parents, your culture and the teachers you have had?

In 2005 there were 48695 malls across North America (that is large shopping centers that have large food stores in them). The American population in 2006 is 300 000 406, equating to 6160 people per shopping mall, not including all the stand alone stores. And each of these malls is filled with food that is enhanced and wrapped in cellophane wrap. Of the money spent on food by Americans 90% is used to buy processed food.

Yet are American’s happy with their food choices? Every day 1207 people search on line at Google alone for “healthy eating”. It seems that many Americans are struggling to understand how to eat a healthy balanced

Delicious Mother’s Day Food

The Origin of Mother’s Day

In the United States, Mother’s Day was made an official holiday in 1914. It’s a floating holiday here in the States, always falling on the second Sunday of May. This tradition was adopted in many other countries in Europe including Germany, Greece, Latvia, Denmark and Finland. But the idea of Mother’s Day predates the official holiday by centuries.

The Greeks celebrated Rhea, the mother of the gods and the ancient Romans celebrated Cybele, the celebration of the goddess Cybele. Even today, Mother’s Day in different countries often matches up with more ancient versions of the celebration.

Food on Mother’s Day

No matter where this holiday is celebrated, there are several common themes. For that one day, children and fathers take over the jobs the mothers usually do, cooking meals and generally making mom’s life as easy as possible. These meals often have traditional elements.

Simnell Cake

This marzipan covered fruit cake is the traditional food gift in Britain from children to their mothers. It’s quite similar to the Christmas fruit cake. According to popular legend, Simon and his sister Nell wanted to make a cake for their mother. One wanted to bake it. The other wanted to broil it. They ended

Chinese New Year Food Traditions

There are almost as many traditions about food and Chinese New Year as there are Chinese families. Customs vary between regions and even between villages. This article is not intended to be a comprehensive or definitive list of all the traditions but should give you a flavour of some of the more common and the more widespread ones.

New Year Cake / NiángÄo’

These cakes come in many varieties but they all consist of a dough made from glutinous rice powder. They are considered to be lucky in Chinese culture as the name of the cake ‘NiángÄo’ is a homonym for ‘higher year’ or ‘better year’.

There are a number of different stories and legends about New Year Cake. One story is that they originated in Suzhou during the Spring and Autumn period (770 to 476 BC) – once there was an especially good harvest which resulted in a surplus of rice. Rather than simply distributing or selling it the ruler decided that this excess rice should be steamed, mashed and formed into bricks which were then put inside the city walls. Many years later there was a famine and people remembered the old story about the bricks made from rice – they

A Source of Wise Food Traditions

Weston Price, DDS was a dentist who in the 1930s studied native populations around the world who were still eating a natural, whole foods-based diet. He found that they were not only healthier than others eating a more refined foods diet, but they had far fewer cavities and straighter teeth. He found that the healthiest of these peoples that he studied had diets rich in fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin D from animal foods such as butter, eggs, animal fats and shellfish. These vitamins, he discovered, were catalysts that helped with mineral absorption and the utilization of protein. These findings are explained in more detail in his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

The Weston A Price Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1999 to disseminate the research of Weston Price. It is dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the American diet through education, research and activism. They publish a quarterly magazine, Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, and have local chapters that help consumers find healthy foods available in their communities.

Weston Price discovered and published many common characteristics of traditional diets, including:

The diets of the healthy natives he found contained NO refined foods, such

Traditional Oriental Delights And How To Prepare Them

The delectable and genuine Chinese recipes have since time immemorial been the benchmark of excellence in the culinary field. These traditional recipes are the product of an imaginative mind, besides mixing the exact combination of ingredients together with the right amount of seasoning.

Traditional Chinese recipes entail the subtle use of various cooking methods and culinary expertise even as one explores his/her unique creativity in rustling up exclusive fare. It requires employing the latest innovations and developments to prepare genuine Chinese food with just the right style.

These genuine Chinese recipes are greatly noted for their distinctive taste as well as for their tendency to weave a spell with their rich aroma, mesmerizing appearance and the high quality of the prepared dish. These traditional Oriental delights are considered to be very good for health as well as being extremely nutritious according to food aficionados all over the globe.

Poly unsaturated cooking oils are the medium for preparing excellent Chinese dishes, and have a rather favourable effect on a person’s health. Additionally, genuine Chinese dishes do not contain milk or ingredients that are full of fat. The secret to cooking genuine Chinese dishes is to strike a balance between the correct consistency, thereby producing

Food Traditions All Over the World

As the New Year seem to knock on your door, the time to decorate the dining table with various kinds of local as well as international New Year Food also comes in our mind. Most of the countries across the world have some special cuisines which are served on the first day of the New Year or may be on the eve of the New Year. The Food served in this day is believed to bring good luck and success to the family.

Food in Japan: The people of Japan celebrate the commencement of the New Year in style. The New Year celebration continues for 3 days. On the day of the New Year, people prepare good food and also pay a visit to the temples to offer food to the God. The New Year Food in the country of Japan is soba noodles. These noodles should be savored without breaking them. If you are able to savor the soba noodles without breaking them, it will guarantee you a healthy long life. The other New Year Food in Japan are Large omochi, mochi rice, Ozon and Omochi cakes.

Food in Italy: The stylish Italian people welcome the New Year with much vigor.